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Augusts Photo of the Month Award at the 4th Online Open Fotosub “El Hierro, Un Puerto de Vida” goes to the photographer Vicente Renovell

Vicente Renovell receives the prize for the best photo in August, the last participatory month of the 4th Online Open Fotosub “El Hierro, un Puerto de Vida” with a beautiful photograph included in the category “Vertebrates” with a grouper in the blue. The photograph was taken during the dives that Vicente made during August with […]

Jesús Yeray Delgado Dorta wins the Award for July’s Photo of the Month in the 4th Online Open Fotosub 2019

Jesús Yeray Delgado Dorta wins the award for the best photography of the month of July in the 4th Online Open Photosub “El Hierro, un Puerto de Vida” with a spectacular image presented in the “Wideangle” category showing a Sand Tiger shark and a freediver. The photograph was obtained during the dives made in July […]

Settimio Cipriani confirmed as a new jury member in the 4th Online Open Fotosub “El Hierro, Un Puerto de Vida”

Settimio Cipriani born in Rome on 10/10/1942 began his passion for the sea as an underwater fisherman, in 1984 I took part in the first Italian Underwater Photography Championship and so began my successful career as an underwater photographer. The photoshoot competitions have been my passion to confront myself with other photographers and this over […]

Juan Cuetos is the new jury for the 3rd Online Open Fotosub Isla de El Hierro

Juan Cuetos is a freelance nature photographer and cameraman from Galicia. He has felt passion for nature from a very young age, specially for the sea, where he started his other great passion: photography. He has been the champion of the Galician underwater photography circuit, champion of Asturias and has also collaborated with various conservation […]

Hector López Cabrera is the winner of November’s best photo award

The image of a spotfin burrfish inside a cave, submitted in “Vertebrates Category”, has been chosen as been the favorite photo of the online participants of online.openfotosub.es in the month of November. The author,  Hector López Cabrera, is a scuba diving instructor based in Tres Cantos (Madrid) who was visiting El Hierro for the first […]

The World Champion David Barrio closes the group of jurys for the first Online Open Fotosub Island of El Hierro

This photographer from Cantabria, now resident in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, is currently one of the best underwater photographers in the world. He is the winner of various national and international awards and his photographs and photographic reports have been published in different magazines around the globe.

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As an official colaborator of the Online Open Fotosub “El Hierro, Un Puerto de Vida”,  Viviendas Vacacionales PuntaSur has offered this gift which will be given away this month: accommodation for two nights in its vacational homes situated in the unique setting of La Restinga. To participate in the raffle all you have to do […]