Sergio Hanquet, underwater photographer, confirmed as a professional jury of the 4th Online Open Fotosub El Hierro, un Puerto de Vida

The name Sergio Hanquet (1962) is a name associated with the Canarian Sea. With an indefatigable spirit and a heart dedicated to the beauty of the islands.

In recent years he has entirely dedicated to capture images of the seabed from the archipelago: only for the realization of his last work (DIVING IN THE CANARY ISLANDS II) he has dived in more than 400 different dive sites. But his true passion is “the blue”, the open ocean where whales, dolphins and sharks live among many other species. His books, his photographs and the man himself, are the living testimony of the true freedom breathed under the surface.

He is self-taught and is considered a documentary photographer, his main objective is to take credit on the moment or the event lived, without artifice but with criteria and personality: sometimes to teach us the wonders of our marine world but others, and in great regret, to anounce the misuse of our natural resources. What he likes about photography is not in this little black box called a camera, but in nature: the contact, emotions, smells and the “rush” of adrenaline he feels every time he senses a photo.

Here is a sample of Sergio Hanquet’s work.