A dive package for two people that includes four dives with th Centro de Buceo El Hierro diving center, the new prize for the Popular Jury.

As a collaborator in the Online Open Fotosub Island of El Hierro, Centro de Buceo El Hierro will give out a dive package of four dives for two people among the popular jury who vote for the fotos and videos submitted in March. All you have to do is enter your account and vote for your favorite images and videos to have a chance in winning this fantastic prize!

Don’t forget that the deadline to vote for the videos and photos is the 15th of April. Next month we will announce the name of the winner of this great prize, like Jesús Ángel Méndez Castilla, winner of our second prize for the popular jury, a return ticket for two people plus a car with Naviera Armas form any of the Canary Islands to El Hierro, congratulations!