Michael James Sealey and Pedro Sarmiento are the winners for the best photos of April and May!

© Awarded by the popular jury, Michael James Sealey is the winner of April’s best photo.

© Awarded by the popular jury, Pedro Sarmiento is the winner of March’s best photo.

In this 2nd Online Open Fotosub “El Hierro, un Puerto de Vida” Michael James Sealey and Pedro Sarmiento Vázquez have been awarded with the prizes for the best photos of March and April respectively. April’s winning photo is a spectacular photo of a shoal of zebra seabreams with a diver behind at El Bajón, this pic was shot in one of the dives made in April. May’s winning photo is a great portrait of a spotfin burrfish shot during the month of May. Both photographers achieved their winning images diving with the dive center Centro de Buceo El Hierro, an official collaborator of the Online Open Fotosub.

Michael James Sealey is a marine biologist who comes from Scotland but lives in the Island of Tenerife. Underwater photography is part of his work as a biologist having published photos in numerous scientific articles, papers and press releases, including publications for the Angel Shark Project, Save Our Seas Foundation or the IUCN. But underwater photography is also his hobby, and he has participated in various competitions here in the Canary Islands including the Open Fotosub of El Hierro in three occasions, and has achieved various awards in these past years.

Pedro Sarmiento Vázquez is originally from Cuba, he has always been passionate about the sea. His curiosity for the big blue started back at his natal Island, full of wonderful coral reefs, and variety of life, light and colour.
Resident in Spain since over a decade ago, he chose another paradise to enjoy is passion for diving and his ambition towards photography, the Island of Gran Canaria, having discovered an incredible treasure during his dives. One of his favorite dives is El Cabrón where the world changes as soon as you leave the surface. As an experienced commercial diver he has been able to develop his skills as an underwater photographer and videographer, and achieved experience in the world of scuba diving as for a good understanding of the marine life and the dives around the Island.

These two images along with the 5 most voted photos from the popular jury will pass directly to the grand final which will be judged by a professional jury formed by 5 prestigious underwater photographers. Besides, a pre selection jury will select a maximum of 5 photos in each category which they consider should be in the grand final.

The deadline to submit June’s photos is already open at online.openfotosub.es. Enter and participate!